Sunday’s NBA all-star game was full of memorable highlights, from that already legendary alley-oop from Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook, to Anthony Davis’ record-breaking 52-point outburst. But despite all the high-flying exploits happening on the hardwood, the real show was playing out on the sidelines, as Blue Ivy had the time of her life while nestled in between her parents Jay Z and Beyoncé (who are expecting twins).

Fresh off her turn as the breakout star of last week’s Grammys, the progeny of music’s first couple once again stole the show, mugging for the camera throughout the evening. And while it’s pretty clear the five-year-old didn’t inherit her pops’ love of basketball—she barely watched the game despite being in the presence of the best players on the planet—young Blue did prove that she has her mother's knack for the limelight. As the night went on, she got her snack on, bonded with the mascot, and commandeered her mom’s phone. Below, some highlights from Blue Ivy’s big night in The Big Easy. 

Blue Ivy's already an expert when it comes to posing with fans.

"Being famous is fun, isn't it?"

The Pelicans mascot looked more excited to be meeting Blue Ivy than the other way around. 

Even Blue Ivy can't believe her mom is actually Beyoncé.

Skittles make everything better.