We officially have our first casting campaign of the year. Leslie Jones appeared on Seth Meyers’ New Year’s Eve special and told the late night host that her dream gig would be as Ryan Reynolds’ loudmouth sidekick in the upcoming Deadpool sequel. In fact, this wasn't the first time Jones hinted at her desire to get in on the hotly anticipated movie. In December, Jones tweeted directly at Reynolds, and revealed what her super power would be.

Would she want X-ray vision? Nope. Mind control? Double nope. The ability to own Twitter trolls with a single turn of phrase? Well, she’s already got that one down pat. According to Jones, she just wants her Deadpool character to be loud. Like, really, really loud. So loud in fact, that when she screams, everybody’s clothes would “just come off of them.” 

She also told Meyers that she would relish the opportunity to trade one-liners with the foul-mouth masked vigilante. Now that is a movie we would pay a lot of money to see. 

The last time the internet banded together in the name of dream casting, #Donald4Spiderman was born, the failed attempt to to get Donald Glover cast as Spider-Man. But you know what they say about internet campaigns geared at getting actors cast in their dream projects: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Okay, so maybe no one has ever said that, but lets just go with it, for Leslie’s sake. 

#Leslie4Deadpool2 officially starts now. 

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