Chance the Rapper held his latest Open Mike event in Chicago on Monday. In the hours leading up to Open Mike, which encourages local teenagers to get on stage, and showcase their area of expertise, Chance teased the show as being "different" and a "very special one." And he wasn't lying: Dave Chappelle dropped by to perform a set for the students. 

In addition to seeing rappers, poets, singers, dancers, and actors, Chance wanted to have more kids come up to deliver a monologue and/or perform a little stand-up material, so what better way to encourage them than seeing one of the best to ever do it? We may never know how Chance was able to secure Dave as a special guest, but it may be safe to assume that it happened over a strong handshake during Barack Obama's farewell party. Overall, the night was a huge success. 

​Chappelle wasn't the only one to stop by either. The entire cast from BET's The New Edition Story and Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler came through to show their support.