Katt Williams will not serve time following a weed and weapons bust at his Georgia home earlier this year. Williams pleaded no contest Thursday in Hall County court, TMZ reported. The comedian, who has seen a string of legal troubles this year, now faces five years of "strict" probation related to assault and battery charges.


The Hall County Sheriff's Office served a warrant at Williams' residence back in March, with TMZ reporting at the time that it was part of an investigation into claims that the comedian's team had choked a bodyguard and beaten him with a baseball bat. The alleged assault occurred after the bodyguard reportedly refused to "engage in criminal activity." When police arrived at Williams' home, they reportedly uncovered multiple firearms and "large" amounts of weed.


In addition to paying up "thousands of dollars" in fines, Williams must take anger management classes, submit to substance abuse evaluations, and avoid contact with the bodyguard. The seized weapons must be surrendered to the police, not to mention the nearly $16,000 in cash seized during the initial raid.


Back in August, one of the comedian's ex-assistants filed a lawsuit accusing Williams of "knocking her unconscious." The suit alleged that Williams hit Angelina Triplett-Hill in the face and slammed her to the ground on a movie set in Los Angeles in 2014, reportedly leaving her hospitalized for three days. Immediately after getting out, Triplett-Hill quit her job. According to TMZ, she ultimately sued Williams for physical pain and damages exceeding $1 million.