The iconic scene in Love Actually, where The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln confesses his love for Keira Knightley’s character with a series of cue cards, got a sad but clever update on this week’s Saturday Night Live

In Lincoln’s place was Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, who showed up at the door of an elector (Cecily Strong) in one final attempt to stop Donald Trump from becoming president. “Because it’s Christmas… And at Christmas you tell the truth… I know you’re an elector… And on December 19th… You’re supposed to vote for Donald Trump.” Clinton tells Knightley’s surrogate via cue card.

The sketch works because let’s face it, anything McKinnon does these days instantly works on the strength of her talent alone. That’s especially true when she slaps on a pant suit and busts out her excellent HRC impression. But it’s also sad, because all of what Clinton tells the elector is true, starting off with her assertion that Trump is in fact, “cray.” What follows is a list of all the things he’s done (or hasn’t done) since winning the election that have given many Americans cause for major concern, a list that includes provoking China, skipping intelligence briefings, and making a series of baffling cabinet picks

Clinton then asks the elector to vote for anyone else—Zendaya, Tom Hanks, The Rock, a rock—because if Trump is president, he “will kill us all,” a sentiment echoed by Michael Moore last week. 

Trump has yet to respond to the sketch—or any from last night’s episode—but something tells us he won’t find it as funny (or scary) as we did.