The body of Lisa Marie Naegle, a former contestant on the E! reality series Bridalplasty, was discovered at the home of a man who confessed to her murder on Tuesday. Naegle had been missing since leaving a birthday party at Alpine Village Sunday, KNBC reported. Her body was found buried at the Lennox home of Jackie Jerome Rogers, who attended the same party but previously told authorities he left alone.

"We begged and pleaded that he'd come to our home to kind of give us details on what time, where were things, and when he left her, but while he was talking to us and telling us his story, multiple different times he said he absolutely did not go home with her, or did not take her home," Danielle Naegle-Kaimona, Lisa's sister, told KNBC earlier this week.

Rogers, 34, was booked on suspicion of murder on Wednesday morning and is being held on $2 million bail. Naegle's body was found at his residence "in a shallow grave" after he told authorities where to look. Naegle's husband, Derek Harryman, said she had contacted him "around 2:45 a.m." Sunday to say she had left the party but was planning to stop for some food on the way home. She never arrived.

Naegle, who appeared on Bridalplasty in 2010, was also a registered nurse who taught classes at West Los Angeles College. Though police haven't released information on the specifics surrounding the relationship between Naegle and Rogers, Naegle-Kaimona told KNBC that Rogers—a nursing student—was "infatuated" with her sister.