Thanks to the unforgiving nature of this thing called life, we have yet to be gifted with a proper cinematic collaboration between the godly trio of Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, and Leonardo DiCaprio. De Niro and DiCaprio linked up for This Boy's Life and Marvin's Room back in the '90s, but that barely counts. De Niro and Scorsese, of course, have already given us some of the most fire movies of all time. So what's the hold-up?

De Niro, speaking candidly about his unbeatable career with the Hollywood Reporter, explained that he and Scorsese would have collaborated on (at least!) three more movies if his schedule had allowed it. In addition to almost doing his Scorsese thing in Gangs of New York and The Last Temptation of Christ, the Comedian star nearly had a DiCaprio reunion in 2006. "I also would have done The Departed," De Niro said on THR's Awards Chatter podcast. In fact, dude is absolutely determined to make a De Niro x DiCaprio x Scorsese jam session happen.

"Leo loves Marty the way I do," De Niro explained of the recent Oscar winner's growing creative relationship with his longtime collaborator. "So it's great. I'd love for the three of us to do something."

Still one of those people who thinks De Niro peaked back in 1980 with Scorsese's Raging Bull? That's pretty lame of you, but De Niro isn't mad about it. "If someone said that, I'd say, 'Well, look, I'm happy I did Raging Bull,'" De Niro said. "If you think nothing compares, fine. At least I did one or two."