In the first two episodes of Lexus 0 to 60, we witnessed Alfonso Ribeiro defeat professional NASCAR and NHRA driver Nicole Lyons, and NBA legend John Salley take down veteran actor Dondré Whitfield in two epic driving competitions. Both were hard fought battles, which featured some of the sweetest vehicles in Lexus' lineup. Now John and Alfonso face off against each other in the grand finale of the Lexus 0 to 60 series. This last tricky challenge would make even Mad Max proud (as well as that dude who kept shooting flames out of his guitar).

What Alfonso and John don’t know is that in order to compete, they’re going to have to team up with the two drivers they’ve already vanquished, giving Nicole and Dondré another chance at glory. Who will emerge victorious? Athlete? TV icon? It’s anybody’s guess. To find out, watch the epic conclusion of Lexus 0 to 60 in the video above.