True Stranger Things fans aren't really worried about where the hell Barb is. Instead, they're far more concerned with getting some sort of confirmation on the season two return of Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven. Netflix is still keeping most cast specifics under lock and key, but TV Line is now claiming that Brown's return is very much a sure thing.

Though exactly how prominent a role eleven will play in next year's batch of episodes remains a mystery, TV Line's sources claim "all signs" point to Brown remaining a series regular. Following Stranger Things' debut on the cable-smashing streaming platform back in July, Brown quickly became a breakout star. Speaking with Interview in October, Brown detailed how life has changed since the nostalgic Spielberg-nodding '80s homage became a pop culture phenomenon.

"At Comic-Con, people dress up as her," Brown told frequent Sia collaborator Maddie Ziegler. "It's very rewarding in a way, and as strange as Stranger Things. People are embracing her character and trying to portray her. I think it's nice to see what different people think of her character. I'm cool with people dressing up as Eleven for Halloween. I definitely want to open my door and give them candy."

Stranger Things also stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, and Caleb McLaughlin. The smash hit's second season is due at some point in 2017. Sadly, there is still no official word on a second season of Hamster Things.