With Netflix's Stranger Things finally confirmed for a second season, where do we go from here? To Stephen Colbert's Late Show, of course, for some jovial parodying and a quiz conducted by star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) on the current incarnation of the English language. Colbert kicked off Tuesday's show with his own take on the Stranger Things vibes by getting Eleven to assist him in warming up a savory burrito.

Joining Colbert on the couch for a chat, Brown spoke candidly of her "4-year overnight success" of a career. "I started when I was 8," Brown said. "It's very overwhelming in the best possible way. It's all very new and it's fantastic. I'm so happy to be here with you guys." After Colbert joked that Brown (who admitted a deep fear of bungalows during the same interview) and the rest of the cast most likely had to do some thorough '80s research before shooting, Brown had to get Colbert all caught up on some words he has apparently never heard of:

The test, Colbert noted, is the one given to prospective members of Brown and Maddie Ziegler's "squad" before sealing the deal. "What does bae mean?" Brown asked. According to Colbert, the word simply means "bae-by," to which Brown offered a firm correction: "Before Anyone Else." Colbert nailed the meaning of "RT," but stumbled again with his "lit" definition. "It's super cool, it's happening," Colbert guessed. Sorry Stephen Colbert, but that's kinda wronggggg.

Stranger Things returns at some point next year with nine (!!!) new episodes, welcoming the Duffer Brothers back into the fold for more supernatural happenings. As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter last month, the Duffers are currently looking for at least three actors to join the series as fresh characters. Shooting is scheduled to kick off in Atlanta next month and wrap in April.