Saskatoon's new mayor received some last-minute support from Hollywood star, Zach Galifianakis. The municipal leader, Charlie Clark, was in the midst of an election, when an unexpected endorsement was announced via a roadside video. You can see the short clip below, via Twitter.

While American celebrities make their endorsements known in federal politics, it's pretty damn unlikely to hear of one supporting a city leader in Saskatchewan. The 47-year-old comedian might seem like a strange supporter, but in a Facebook post by Saskatoon mayor, Clark, it was revealed that Galifianakis is related by a family marriage.

Clark did indeed win the election, and now sits as the city's mayor-elect. Charlie beat out two other hopefuls, including four-time incumbent, Don Atchinson. While the familial bond between Galifianakis and Clark was the predominant reason for the move, the comedian joked that the new mayor promised him "a lot of money".