In an article published this week, Yahoo reveals that Quentin Tarantino told reporters during a Hateful Eight press junket that he was in talks to make a movie for Luke Cage. The director let slip that he considered filming a Luke Cage movie in the '90s because he liked the original comic book character.

“I’m a huge fan. I had even considered, after Reservoir Dogs, doing a Luke Cage movie," Tarantino said told Yahoo's Khail Anonymous. "But I ended up doing Pulp Fiction instead. So I think I might have made the right choice.”

Anonymous then asked Tarantino what he would be looking for in Netflix's version of the character, and the answer wasn't totally promising.

“Well, frankly, to tell you the truth, I might be one of the pains in their asses because I love the way the character was presented so much in the ’70s,” Tarantino admitted. “I’m not really that open to a rethinking on who he was. I just think that first issue, that origin issue … was so good, and it was really Marvel’s attempt to try to do a blacksploitation movie vibe as one of their superhero comics. And I thought they nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. So, just take that Issue 1 and put it in script form and do that. The Luke Cage: Hero for Hire era … that’s the era.”


For people who reject Tarantino's criticism—or for those who want to see if he's right—Luke Cage is now available to stream on Netflix. Or, you could pull a Tarantino and just flip through the OG comic.