"If you ain't down with Pokémon, you tripping." These aren't my words. They are the words of Soulja Boy, whose love of Pokémon Go is well-documented and should thus be considered gospel. To that end, you know who's definitely not tripping? Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway. The Norwegian politician was recently busted for straight up ripping through a game of Pokémon Go during a debate:

Solberg was caught trying to catch 'em all in a photo during a Storting debate Tuesday, the Guardian reported. The Norwegian prime minister's fondness for Pokémon Go is common knowledge, as she previously did some well-publicized Pokémon hunting in Slovakia. "I was challenged by my younger sister who found a Pokémon on my veranda," Solberg, who was previously down with the Candy Crush life, told the Local in August.


This also doesn't mark the first time Pokémon Go invaded Norwegian politics. Trine Skei Grande, the leader of the Liberal Party of Norway, was spotted by reporters playing the augmented reality instaclassic during a hearing in August. Grande, ironically enough, was speaking at the time Solberg was busted for doing the exact same thing.

Back in the States, our politicians are busy doing far lamer things during otherwise serious gatherings:

Other non-politician humans have occasionally faced super serious consequences for playing Pokémon Go in seemingly Pokémon-unfriendly locations. Just last month, a Russian blogger was faced with the possibility of up to five years in jail for allegedly playing the game inside a church.