The Pokémon franchise got a major shot in the arm this summer, when millions of people around the world risked their lives to collect as many of the rare otherworldly creatures as they could. And though the Pokémon Go phenomenon has faded considerably since reaching a fever pitch just a few months ago, the Pokemon Company is willing to bet that our obsession with Dragonites and Blastoises is still going strong.

To commemorate Pokémon's 20th anniversary, Pokémon: The First Movie, will be re-released in theaters for a limited time only. The film will screen on Oct. 29 during the day and on Nov. 1 in the evening at 200 select Cinemark theaters throughout the country. If you plan on attending any of the screenings, keeping mind that they'll be unspooling on Halloween weekend, so make sure your cosplay game is on point.

When Pokémon: The First Movie was released in 1999, it became an international sensation, grossing over $160 million at the worldwide box office, quadrupling its modest $30 million budget. The decade-and-a-half that followed was a bit of a desert for Pokémon fans, but thanks to the massive popularity of the mobile game, and now the re-release of the cult hit, the iconic Nintendo franchise suddenly has new life.

This resurgence will culminate in 2017, when Legendary Pictures releases a brand new live-action Pokémon movie. Not much is yet known about the film, other than it will follow the adventures of Detective Pikachu, a new character introduced in the eponymous video game earlier this year. Though American Ultra screenwriter Max Landis was originally rumored as a potential screenwriter, Nicole Perlman of Guardians of The Galaxy and Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls eventually signed on, which means Pokémon fans around the world can breathe a sigh of relief, as their beloved franchise seems to be in very good hands.