Just in case you, by chance, are not into the idea of joining 17 million of your closest friends to find out who Negan offed in this week's Walking Dead premiere: SPOILER ALERT. Everything you're about to watch and/or read is practically dripping with spoilers, so proceed with caution. Or don't. Who cares.




The big reveal tortured fans with the death of (once again: SPOILER ALERT) Abraham and Glenn with such dedication to gore that pissed-off parents are now trying to figure out ways to fuck with the TV rating system. To make the week of those pissed-off lames even worse, Variety has stumbled upon leaked footage of an alternate (but still gory AF) death scene.

This alternate take sees Negan spewing the same dialogue while bringing Lucille down upon Maggie, i.e. not Abraham. In an effort to keep fans off their trail, the AMC team filmed multiple death scenes. Some of these alternates were used during Sunday's premiere, featuring Rick Grimes imagining the deaths of other main characters.

All controversies aside, the premiere's massive cliffhanger gamble ultimately paid off. Viewership for the season 7 opener, a whopping 17 million, hit a virtual tie with the show's previous record. With an eighth season of the AMC hit already confirmed, we should likely expect that record (and supremely upsetting deaths such as these) to continue for years to come.