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Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is reportedly "super sick" and battling severe weight loss, with sources claiming visitors are forced to sign a confidentiality agreement before being allowed to see him. The report, which first popped up via Page Six Thursday evening, has been denied by Hefner's representatives who insist the magazine mogul is in "fine" health.

"[Hefner] looks like he is down to around 90 pounds and super sick," an unnamed source told Page Six. "His people are really trying to keep this under wraps. You even have to sign a confidentiality agreement to go up to see him." Hefner has reportedly not been spotted in public in "months," with model Carla Howe saying last year that he is "frail"and often travels with a group of nurses by his side.

According to Hefner's team, however, that's simply not true. "It is no secret that over the past few years he has suffered with back pain that has made it a bit more challenging for him to get around," a spokesperson told Page Six, insisting Hefner is fine. "At 90 years of age he is enjoying his life and still very involved in the day-to-day activities of editing the magazine."

Hefner is still currently residing in the notorious Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. The famed locale was sold to investor Daren Metropoulos for a cool $100 million in August, Variety reported. As part of the deal, Hefner is welcome to remain a mansion occupant for the rest of his life but must pay a reasonable annual rent of a million bucks.