The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974 is very possibly the scariest movie ever made (it's also, by the way, not a slasher film).  If you're way into that type of nightmare fuel, a new "resort" opening in Texas might be the must-visit vacation spot of the 2016 Halloween season.

One of the key locations where Texas Chainsaw Massacre filmed Leatherface carving people up is about to re-open as simply The Gas Station in Bastrop, Texas. According to its Facebook page, The Gas Station will hold its grand opening on Oct. 8, with Ed Neal, the actor who played "the hitchhiker" in the original film, on hand to greet visitors. 

If you're one of those creepy types who loves hanging out at places that remind you of murder, you can spend the night in one of several cabins at The Gas Station, each equipped with a 46-inch TV, and a huge selection of horror flicks, TMZ reports. The place will also be serving up Texas barbecue at a take-out restaurant with a sign that reads "we slaughter barbecue." It seems like a nice place to relax with a copy of Leatherface's book, too.

Here's what the cabins look like: 

In addition, the resort will be selling horror memorabilia, and plans to have a stage set up for live music. 

If you're making a road trip out of it, you might want to head up to Estes Park, Colorado next. That's where the definitely probably haunted Stanley Hotel that inspired The Shining is located.