Those who believe basic, easily Google-able history qualifies as something in need of a spoiler alert probably aren't feeling Netflix's recent Narcos strategy. The second season of the Netflix original series, which just dropped a new trailer and unveiled some fresh key art, isn't being shy about the fate of its subject in tweeted teases:

The new trailer shows this year's batch of Narcos will center on the heated search for Pablo Escobar, who was last seen getting the hell out of the La Catedral prison. The first 10 episodes of the critically acclaimed series managed to briskly cover more than a decade of Escobar's life. Historically speaking, the new season opens with Escobar less than two years from his death.

"Netflix never wanted to make this show about good American cops that go to a third-world country to save poor people from a bad guy," Wagner Moura, who plays Escobar on the series, told Rolling Stone surrounding its Netflix debut last year. "This concept of [who is] good and who is bad is always being played with."

In a later interview with fellow Netflix star Chelsea Handler, Moura kept it as spoiler-y as possible when talking about Narcos' return. "It's a really cool season," Moura told Handler. "It's all about Pablo on the run, because the first season covers about 10 years of Pablo's life." According to Moura, the new one starts with the escape and ends with "his death." And there's your spoiler!

Narcos continues the chase Sept. 2.