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The second season of Narcos doesn’t hit Netflix until September 2, but we already know the fate of its lead character, Pablo Escobar. Wagner Moura dropped by Chelsea to let everyone know that his character will die this time around.

"It’s all about Pablo on the run," he said of the show’s sophomore run. "Because the first season covers tem years of Pablo’s life. From the first day he sees cocaine for the first time 'til the day he escapes from La Catedral [a private Colombian prison]. And now [in season 2]… It’s from the day Pablo escapes 'til his death."

In case that was too subtle, Moura spells it out for audiences: "Pablo’s gonna die this season."

The crime thriller follows the notorious drug lord, dubbed the "King of Cocaine," who became a billionaire by producing and selling cocaine. Escobar’s fascinating life includes landing on the Forbes Billionaire List 7 times and making so much money that he had to bury most of it. Filmed on location in Colombia, the series debuted August 28, 2015 to positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Because the show is based on a real person, his death shouldn’t come as a surprise. "If you go to Google, you kind of can see what happens to Pablo," Moura added.

Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty.

The Los Angeles Times

As Narcos prepares to close the book on Escobar's story, showrunner Chris Brancato is working on bringing another drug kingpin's life to the small screen. He is set to write and produce the History Channel drama #Cartel, which chronicles "El Chapo" Guzman's rise to power and how he used social media to get there. 

"It’s a look inside the stranger-than-fiction world of drug cartels who use social media to maintain their image, recruit new members and threaten rivals," the network said in a statement.  "Unlike drug lords of decades past, El Chapo has fan followings, with relationships in the entertainment and music industry that stretch past the Mexican border and into the United States. #Cartel is a story of power, money, sex and the human cost of the drug wars like none ever seen on television."​