Actor Jason Momoa played one of Game of Thrones' shortest-lived but most beloved major characters: Khal Drogo, the boss of the Dothraki people. Momoa's character died in the show's first season, but has not been forgotten by its legion of devoted fans.

Those same fans got a big surprise several days ago when Moma posted a photo on Instagram showing him having a beer with GoT showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss. Also on the scene was Brian Andrew Mendoza, who works for Momoa's production company.


The picture was enough to set off a whole lot of speculation about whether Momoa would be returning to the show. Fans were thrilled at even the hint of a possibility that they could have Drogo back.

So far, neither Momoa nor anyone in the Game of Thrones camp has responded. So that means there's still hope, right?


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