Pedro Pascal knows what's up. Though the average art-loving American's viewing habits would surely suggest otherwise, there are people who still do things like watch TV and go see movies. TV shows, similar to gems like Master of None and Narcos that you're currently bingewatching on Netflix, are typically broadcast via a cable or satellite subscription. Crazy right? Movies, as you may have noticed on Netflix, are typically longer than a TV show and are often presented in a public environment so that viewers can smear popcorn grease all over themselves while loudly asking the person next to them if that one guy is going to kill that other guy (of course he is).

But for Pascal, Netflix is clearly the future and/or the present. "It's Netflix, man!" the Narcos star told the Wrap Sunday. "It isn't TV, it isn't movies. It's the next big thing." Hell yeah it is. For Pascal, embodying DEA agent Javier Peña in the Pablo Escobar biographical series was made easier with the boundary-free format of Netflix.

"The role is a deeper dive than I’ve had before, with a commitment to authenticity," said Pascal, who's also had memorable turns in Game of Thrones and The Good Wife. "Javier is a mystery man, even though he's also easy to hang out with—I can see how he got close to people."

The series, which Netflix recently renewed for a second season, is part of an increasingly stacked lineup on the leading streaming platform. Pascal's designation of the platform as "the next big thing" is apt, if not a bit belated. According to a recent breakdown from Statista, Netflix boasts 70 million subscribers as of 2015 and is projected to top 100 million within the next three years. Though that may seem like bad news for anyone who's really into eating greasy popcorn in public, it's actually great news for anyone into quality programming.