Grand Theft Auto is an outstanding video game series ticking all the boxes of a modern day classic: Endless gameplay, great narrative and top quality licensed music. If its one thing we look forward to in GTA game—aside from the relentless appeal of mayhem and violence—it’s the music stations.

Ever since the very first game back in 1997, the radio stations have been a pivotal part of the franchise and with good reason. It gives us a sense that we’re in a real life city, and it provides a welcome relief from the constant destruction that we contribute to it. Whoever is in charge of Rockstar Games’ music department deserves a reserved spot in heaven because as the games got better so has the choice in tracks. Where else would you feel comfortable running over a city full of NPC’s and doing a virtual drive-by to the sounds of Spandau Ballet? Exactly.

So in recognition of the excellent music here are eleven of the best radio stations from the Grand Theft Auto series.