How is this possible, really?

During an interview with in-studio guest Harry Shearer – famous as the voice of Mr Burns, Principal Skinner and about 1000 other voices you've heard on The Simpsons – The Project co-host Carrie Bickmore was outed as having never seen an episode of the iconic show.

Shearer was shocked by the revelations, particularly after Bickmore herself pointed out the irony of being an employee of Channel 10, the long-time broadcaster of the series. "I think The Simpsons has kept this network afloat for about 40 years," she said, as Shearer covered his mouth in mock horror.

The on-air confession is one thing, but as a 35 year-old (sorry to put it on blast like that, Carrie) woman from Australia, Bickmore would have been around 10 years old when the series was first broadcast locally. To have lasted through primary and high school without seeing a single episode of the most popular animated series ever is unbelievable. But hey, you don't end up as a network journalist if you spend your youth watching cartoons – trust me.

After the show, Bickmore also admitted to having never seen any of the Star Wars films, but confirmed she was a teenager at some point, and had watched The OC and Dawson's Creek in their entirety.