With Ta-Nehisi Coates' Black Panther debut currently garnering nearly unanimous critical acclaim from dedicated fans of the iconic character, Marvel is hoping to pull in fresh readers with the launch of a new video series narrated by Coates himself. The first look at the recap series, which premiered exclusively via the Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday, shows Coates giving prospective readers a brief overview of the fictional nation of Wakanda:

The monthly series aims to provide a quick catch-up for both meticulous readers and newcomers alike, with Marvel soon set to announce a variety of hip-hop artists that will provide each episode's soundtrack. The first full episode will serve as an intro to the vast world of Black Panther, hitting just one day ahead of the May 11 release of Black Panther #2.

The move is an exciting one for Marvel, showcasing their continued dedication to merging all aspects of the revived Black Panther brand into an immersive, cross-platform experience. Coates, a National Book Award winner known for his work in the Atlantic, previously described the process of joining the Black Panther canon as a far less lonelier experience than his usual writing projects. 

"Black Panther has been different," Coates wrote in December. "There's a lot more collaboration and conversation. Barely three days go by in which I don't talk to [Black Panther artist Brian Stelfreeze] or my editor, Wilson Moss." That collaborative spirit eventually resulted in a gargantuan hit. As Marvel revealed to Comic Book Resources in March, Black Panther #1 stacked up 300,000 copies sold before it was even released. Coates did not immediately respond to Complex's request for comment regarding the new recap series.

The character's next big move comes in the form of Captain America: Civil War, with Chadwick Boseman stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to tease a forthcoming solo movie directed by Creed helmer Ryan Coogler. As Boseman revealed to Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, pretty much the entire universe came together to make sure he got the part: