In a recent Vogue interview, Australian actress Margot Robbie discussed her role in this summer's Suicide Squad, the movie based on a DC Comics antihero team. Robbie plays supervillain Harley Quinn, a rival of Batman and love interest of the Joker. "She’s just a psychopath who runs around gleefully killing people," she said of her character. "She finds joy in causing mayhem, which makes her weirdly endearing and fun to watch.”

Another enjoyable part of filming the movie? Honing her artistic talents with a tattoo gun she bought on eBay. Apparently, Robbie gave Cara Delevingne, who plays the character Enchantress, tattoos on the bottoms of her toes. She coined the term "toemojis" to describe them. Eventually, the whole cast decided to solicit her services. She even gave Vogue reporter Jonathan Van Meter a tattoo during the interview, because how do you turn that down?

The movie's director David Ayer was also quoted in the article, calling Robbie "physically courageous" for her stunt work. "The things she was doing herself as far as stunts, you wouldn’t believe," he said. "There’s only a handful of actors who do that sort of work themselves," he said.

We can't wait to see what he's referring to when Suicide Squad comes out this August.