After drowning in near post-ironic football jokes on Sunday, the nation focused its heart on Stephen Colbert's post-Bowl party show featuring drop-ins from President Barack Obama and Will Ferrell. Thankfully, this televised get-together also featured a harrowing discussion between Whiskey Tango Foxtrot stars Margot Robbie and Tina Fey regarding the art of misspelled tattoos.

As previously reported, Robbie and the rest of the Suicide Squad cast gave each other some friendly "Skwad" ink after establishing an impromptu tattoo parlor in the name of Harley Quinn (Robbie). "I have a tattoo gun now," Robbie bragged to Fey and Colbert on Sunday. "I've given 26 tattoos. I gave myself a tattoo on my foot." Fearless.

Sadly, Robbie's track record isn't perfect. "I did spell one wrong once," Robbie admitted, referencing those aforementioned Skwad tattoos that, when spelled correctly (as in correctly incorrect), look something like this:

Robbie's variation, however, does have a certain ring to it: