Year: 1996
How Much Money He's Making: $5 million
What Will's Doing: Making you super-proud to be human. Will plays a NASA-aspiring fighter pilot who outmaneuvers an alien in the Grand Canyon. Then he punches it in the face, says "Welcome to Earth" while he lights a cigar—which, just wow. He joins a ragtag resistance against the planetary invaders led by Bill Pullman’s President who delivers a speech from the back of a pick-up truck that gets us so motherfucking jacked to be from Earth. Smith crushes his role as a badass who is tender to his wife (Vivica A. Fox) and their super-adorable, sassy son (Ross Bagley). He helped save Earth for the first time and imbued this gargantuan popcorn-flick with humor and depth—both things he’d do a lot going forward.