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Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman generated loads of criticism even though it had a huge opening week, scoring the biggest worldwide opening in box office history. While the film started off with a bang, sales plunged 68 percent in the second week in an unexpected turn of events. Despite the film's overall lackluster impact, it featured some indisputably awesome visual effects. A new video demonstrates the impact of those effects by showing what certain scenes looked like before and after the effects were applied. 

Snyder's film was ostensibly too dark for a lot of people, but his ability to create that darkness using visual effects deserves some praise. In the new video shared by /Film, you can get closer to understanding just how important the visual effects are in an action packed movie like Batman v Superman. 

Entranced by the spectacle of Batman v Superman, you may forget that a lot of this action takes place in front of a green screen, but this video will remind you. Some of the before and after shots reveal that Batman's armor and Superman's cape were tacked on after the scene was filmed. Those backdrops of the city or the rope that shoots out of Batman's grapnel? All visual effects.

One of the more jarring before and after shots displays the significant role of visual effects in creating the beam of solar energy that shoots out of Superman's eyes. Before the effects were added, Superman can be seen just leaning forward as if he's thinking really hard.