There was no greater sight in school than seeing your teacher roll in a TV set into class. That beautiful sight was probably forever tarnished for this Tennessee high school class which was shown The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) reports the New York Daily News. The "human centipede" is achieved when people are sewn mouth-to-anus. This might get as ugly as the Ohio teacher jailed for showing horror anthology The ABCs of Death.

According to the NYDN, the incident happened at the Jackson Central-Merry High School last week as reported by WTSP.

Parents were alerted to students watching an "inappropriate and unacceptable" movie in a letter from school superintendent Verna Ruffin, but she never mentions the name of the movie reports the NYDN.

The NYDN reports the letter read: "I understand that on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, your student may have inadvertently viewed inappropriate content in a JCM classroom. This occurrence is inconsistent with our Mission and Vision at Jackson Central Merry."

That must've been one bad 4/20 for some unlucky students, but I digress.

The letter reportedly didn't explain why the movie was screened in the first place or what consequences the person who screened it is facing. "Immediate action has been taken to assure that there will be no further occurrences," the letter read reports NYDN.

Ruffin revealed the "inappropriate" movie to be director Tom Six's Human Centipede II when she spoke to local media says NYDN.

Six himself couldn't be happier about the news tweeting that the movie should be "mandatory" viewing.  "It should be mandatory to watch THC2 in school classes. It deals with a character that is bullied and what to do!" he tweeted.

He also offered a signed copy of Human Centipede II to the unidentified "awesome teacher" who showed the movie.