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People must take their Game of Thrones watching pretty seriously over in Ireland, because a tech company there is going out of its way to make sure that every one of its employees in its Belfast office are able to see the premiere of the new season without having to worry about being up early for work the next day.

All employees will get a half a day off on the morning following the premiere of Season Six, the New York Post reports. The company, +rehabstudio, has even added the policy to its official employee handbook, which was posted to LinkedIn. 

One of the company's co-founders, Tim Rogers, told the Post that its employees are obsessed with the HBO fantasy series 

"We're always trying to look after our guys and make sure we're giving them the best work environment and social life as well," he said.

So where does this rank among the employee perks we've heard about lately? Well, I'm thinking its right in between the free Yeezys that the CEO of Sprint gave his employees, and Flowhub, a company that is totally fine with (and even encourages) employees to smoke weed at work.

Season Six of Game of Thrones premieres on HBO on April 24. From what we've heard, it's more lit than ever. It also might be one of the series' final seasons.