Disney's new animated feature Zootopia, which may actually be aimed more at furries than children, is steadily racking in the dough at the box office. The film opened with $73.7 million at the domestic box office, beating Frozen's $67.4 million back in 2013. It also beat out Deadpool for the no. 1 spot, which set records for an R-rated film during its three week box office run at No. 1. Now finishing out its third weekend in theaters, Zootopia continues to be a crowd favorite. Vulture reports that Zootopia racked in an additional $38 million this week, blowing Allegiant's $29 million debut out of the water. 

While Allegiant, the third installation in the Divergent series, racked in the lowest profits of the franchise so far, audiences continued to pour in for Zootopia, which passed the $200 million domestic mark following a third successful week. Zootopia has already accrued $591.7 million internationally, which puts it just slightly behind the $591.8 million that Tangled made when it hit theaters six years ago. Looks like those feisty zoo animals are giving Rapunzel a run for her money. 

Miracles from Heaven came in third behind Allegiant with $15 million followed by The Bronze's $421,434. Midnight Special and Krishna racked in $184,000 and $10,250, respectively. 

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