The Saw franchise has earned so many sequels we're deep into the we need to look up the roman numeral for it category, like Friday the 13th, or that one series on everyone's minds, Star Wars. The little movie that could, Saw premiered in 2004 and spawned six sequels. Now Saw is expected to return for its eighth movie.

The last installment, Saw VII or Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (which I actually didn't remember I watched) hit theaters in 2010 so it's been quite the gap. The Tracking Board reports Lionsgate's crown jewel (before The Hunger Games became the twinkle in its eye) is working on Saw VIII titled Saw:Legacy. Don't be fooled if that name has finality in it, most people thought The Final Chapter was, well, you know. 

There's no details about the script yet or if Saw VIII will officially be a sequel as Movieweb notes there was a report from a few years ago that said the studio considered rebooting the franchise. Saw:Legacy is set to premiere in 2017, probably in October because as you know, "If its Halloween, it must be Saw."

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