James Franco, a wearer of many (so many) hats, was unable to escape another question about the seemingly never-going-to-happen Freaks and Geeks reunion in a recent Rolling Stone interview. Though Franco was really just there to talk about the very promising Hulu miniseries 11.22.63, the most multi-hyphenated artist of all time gladly obliged when pressed about the possibility of bringing the unjustifiably canceled series back to life.

"I mean, I don’t know what that would look like," Franco said, reportedly while laughing. "Everybody’s kind of old. I think for the most part we’ve had these little reunions just for photo shoots over the years and everybody seems to still really like each other and still have a great love for what we did on that show."

So, that's a firm no? Not exactly:

"If somebody came up with an idea that didn’t totally suck, I’m sure it's a possibility."

So, for anyone with ideas that don't "totally suck," please reach out to Franco and company to assist in giving Freaks and Geeks a proper send-off.