Puddles, when not directly affiliated with Mudd, are perhaps one of creation's greatest artistic achievements. Puddles often give the viewer the experience of not only seeing one's own reflection in the waters of humanity, but also the distinct pleasure of potentially ruining a new pair of shoes. The burgeoning #DrummondPuddleWatch phenomenon, then, should come as no surprise to those truly in tune with the raw emotional art that is puddle gazing.

At any given moment on Wednesday, just under 20,000 human beings were glued to their respective Periscope accounts watching a puddle in Newcastle upon Tyne. If you don't like puddles or simply don't understand undeniably profound art when it's staring back at you, here's what that Periscope feed looked like just before darkness started to fall:

Art, obviously. However, according to a brief report from Time, there might be a bit more to it. "It was an amusement watching people through the window trying to negotiate the puddle, so we decided to set up a camera," Richard Rippon, the social media manager for the Drummond Central marketing firm, tells Time. Art or otherwise, the genius move was initially set up as some sort of a twisted puddle joke.

But you're not here for a discussion on arts and jokes, you're here for the ensuing tweetstorm:

Carry on.