When you start a new job, it might be worth asking the guy you took over from for some advice. That’s what Ben Affleck has done, at least. Affleck is of course playing Batman in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and in an interview with Good Morning America he said he’s been hitting up previous Batmen George Clooney and Christian Bale for tips on how to play him. He wouldn’t say what they told him though — only mentioning that Clooney “had some advice which is not repeatable.” Which sounds needlessly mysterious.

Props to Affleck to reaching out to his predecessors though. And especially for speaking to Clooney. Everyone loves Bale in The Dark Knight trilogy, but Cooney’s Batman & Robin gets a lot of hate. Which is soooo wrong — Batman and Robin is a misunderstood intentional throwback to the Adam West-starring 1960s TV show, and genuinely hilarious.

How can any film with the Bat-Credit Card in it not be amazing?

[via Comics Alliance]