For those of you who were Disney stans (or kept abreast to pop culture in any facet), we know that Jan. 20 was an important day on your calendar—the 10th anniversary of Disney's behemoth romcom musical High School Musical (!!!), which launched the careers of actors like Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens, and the mighty Zac Efron.

Since blowing tf up, Zac's done everything from being in the 2007 film version of Hairspray to being a frat star in Neighbors to being a trash DJ in We Are Your Friends. There was a time, though, when a 17-year-old Efron was chillin' on The WB in a short-lived show entitled Summerland, which somehow, led to him being a celebrity guest star on an episode of Room Raiders, that "dating/reality" series from MTV that had people inspecting the rooms of three potential singles to see if they could be a match, based solely on what's in their bedrooms.

Truth be told, it was more a device to have people make weird sperm jokes based on the blacklights that were used to scan the beds of these potential hook-up. If you were wanting to know what peak 17-year-old, pre-Disney Zac Efron was like, this celebrity edition of Room Raiders is where it's at.

We're talking about Teen Zac being the kind of guy who silently rejoices when finding the underwear drawer. The kind of guy who is cool with you having handcuffs, because that shows that you walk on the wild side. The adventurous lad who will totally rip off his shirt and ride down a waterslide when you aren't home. The kind of guy who will talk about loving older women, then PUT ON THEIR HIGH HEELS AND WALK AROUND THE ROOM IN THEM.

It's the kind of stuff that wouldn't fly with a Disney-linked actor today—although if we're keeping it 💯, Zac didn't go down any truly dark paths on this episode of Room Raiders, he just seemed pretty horny. This was just a fun-loving 17-year-old guy with raging hormones and some WB money in his cargo shorts. Flourish, young Zac, flourish.