The concept of tipping is like a foreign language in the UK — but for our American brethren, it's a sacred bond between worker and consumer that you should not break, whether you're a parking valet at a five-star hotel or a bottle waitress in a Las Vegas casino.

But it seems that bond doesn't mean jack in the Midwestern States, as one unfortunate waiter discovered. 

This young waiter from Kansas must've felt like king of the world when he found a $20-tip folded underneath a ketchup bottle at the cafe/restaurant he worked at. Turns out though that it wasn't a tip, but rather a piece of paper with Bible literature scribed on it. Understandably, he was P.O'ed and he took to Twitter to put said tipper on blast.

Jesus didn't die for our sins only for you to pull this type of cheap s***

The waiter certainly got trolled TF-out and, according to GQ, these tracts are common in the Midwest. So much for the Christian concept of charity, eh? We can laugh-out-loud at this because it's not happened to us, but do spare a thought for that waiter; he probably doesn't deserve this type of trollage.

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