Though many would argue that there are very few things as inherently apolitical as ice cream, former presidential candidate Stephen Colbert would very much disagree. In the wake of Ben & Jerry's recently unveiled new flavor honoring Larry David stunt double Bernie Sanders, Colbert has decided to maintain political fairness by proposing his own ingenious flavor ideas for the rest of the ice cream-ready candidates.

"This delicious treat is a violation of the well-known Ice Cream Equal Time law," Colbert argued on Wednesday's Late Show. "Legally, [Ben & Jerry's] has to give equal churn time to the other candidates by making a flavor for each of them." Fair point, Stephen. So what's your plan for giving the rest of the field the Bernie's Yearning treatment?

In addition to touching ice cream tributes to struggle candidate Martin O'Malley and definitely-not-struggle candidate Hillary Clinton, Colbert also shared an idea for a Mike Huckabee flavor that's sure to inspire his presumably diminishing base of supporters to pick up a spoon and go:

That looks like it would pair quite well with a large bowl of baked beans.