Police were called to capture a runaway cow that was seen wandering the streets and enjoying its last moments of freedom. According to the New York Post, the happy animal escaped from a slaughterhouse in Queens and made its way down Jamaica Ave. Onlookers captured the joyful lap on their cell phones.

"He was very happy. He was like 'wow, I’m in the streets running!' He was running back and forth, but he didn’t do anything to anybody," said Carolina, an employee at the nearby Pushka Pawn Shop. Her co-worker Claudia Escobar also reveled in the excitement. "It was very nice to see a cow running through the streets," she said. 

The celebration, however, was short-lived. Members of NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit cornered the cow in a parking garage and wrangled it with a roperancher style. According to a worker at the Jamaica Archer Live Poultry and Meat Market, where it escaped, the cow is scheduled for slaughter on Friday. Ouch.