Jumanji, the super underrated 1995 movie about a board game that causes a bunch of animals to run amok, is of course getting a reboot. As previously reported, Jumanji's path to reboot glory has been littered with frustrations since news of the project reached the masses. However, given Sony's just-announced decision to grab one of the people responsible for Sex Tape as the reboot's director, those frustrations have either been eradicated entirely or just converted into some serious skepticism.

After all, Jake Kasdan sliding into the director's chair presents an interesting conundrum for anyone who actually saw Sex Tape, which was a rather putrid waste of cinematic space. Kasdan's status was made official earlier this week alongside a confirmation of the project's Dec. 25 release date, Variety reports. Miraculously, that Dec. 25 release date refers to Dec. 25 of this current year, meaning Kasdan and company have less than a year to pull this whole thing off. Better yet, a cast has not been announced.

For those who have somehow never seen the original Jumanji, peep this:

Then peep this and cry:

Why is this happening?