It’s official. There will be no indictments in the death of Sandra Bland, KTRK reports. On Monday, grand jurors spent the day with special prosecutors examining the evidence before they made their decision.

Back in July, the 28-year-old was found dead inside a Waller County, Texas jail cell just three days after getting pulled over for a traffic stop by trooper Brian Encinia. Investigators say she hanged herself but her family believes otherwise, and has since filed a federal lawsuit. The circumstances surrounding her death have sparked a number of protests from members of the Black Lives Matter movement.

After reviewing Bland's traffic stop, her arrest and time spent in jail, jurors found no criminal wrongdoing and did not return an indictment related to her death. According to Special prosecutor Darrell Jordan, they will reconvene on Jan. 6 to discuss other matters related to the case. Grand jurors have already met with five appointed special prosecutors three times in order go over the evidence.

"We got the information probably in September, so we've been doing a lot of meetings, a lot of review of the information during that time," special prosecutor Lewis White said on Monday.

People are already speaking out on Twitter in response to the decision. 

Her mom, Geneva Reed-Veal, also spoke out about the case during a press conference on Friday.