Screwing up in the age of social media is mortifying for anyone with a semi-public profile. Screwing up on international live television by naming the wrong winner of the Miss Universe pageant? That's another ballgame entirely. And that is precisely what Steve Harvey did this evening, much to the delight and collective schadenfreude of the Internet.

Tonight a bunch of very excited women representing their respective nations waited anxiously on a stage in Las Vegas, each hoping that her name would be called as winner of this outdated and seemingly arbitrary competition. With a card in hand, Steve Harvey read the name of Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, who remained Miss Universe for a matter of moments before Steve Harvey realized what he'd done. It was Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, whose name was allegedly printed on the card.

Here's how this insanity played out, according to Newsday. "A mystified Wurtzbach appeared stunned as she walked to the front of the stage alongside the crown-wearing Arevalo before last year's Miss Universe from Colombia removed the crown and placed it on Wurtzbach's head instead just before the program abruptly ended."

Here's Steve Harvey via a screen grab of a since-deleted tweet (presumably because of "Columbia" and "Philippians," neither of which has anything to do with this):

Anyway, here's to a new year.