The ease and obvious accessibility of Uber is a lifesaver in otherwise complicated transportation situations. Drunk and can't find a safe ride home? Uber. Don't own a car but want to cruise down to that one arthouse theater that feels like it's a thousand miles from your apartment? Uber. Sadly, a small percentage of Uber drivers have been known to exhibit some disturbing and sometimes downright violent behavior.

For Julz Goddard, a.k.a. @YesJulz, that unfortunately appeared to be the case during a recent trip to Toronto. Goddard, a prominent social media presence known for her all-access approach to bringing the Miami scene to the forefront, was reportedly in an Uber with a group of friends earlier this week when things quickly descended into mind-boggling chaos:

Julz also shared video of a portion of the incident, allegedly showing the driver lunging at her:

"I would like to state that I absolutely love [Uber] and it has made my life much easier this year," Julz said in a later tweet. "This guy was just a bad apple." Though this is certainly not indicative of Uber at large, the alleged behavior of this particular driver is indefensible. Do better!