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It’s no secret that taxi drivers throughout the country dislike Uber for cutting into their business, but a group of Toronto drivers have been especially vigilant in their disdain. During a protest near City Hall on Wednesday, thousands gathered while the city council debated how to regulate the emerging ridesharing service.

Things quickly escalated when the horde of drivers blocked major pathways in their cabs and drove as slow as 3 MPH.  According to Vice, one man who identified himself to Global News as Suntharesan Kanagasabai went so far as to bang on the window of an alleged Uber driver and held on as the vehicle peeled off. "Uber is going to be like ISIS my friend, Uber is ISIS," he shouted afterward. "Do you know what ISIS means?” But do you, bro? Later on, he told reporters: "We are trying to get a point across, that's what we're trying to do."

Other incidents include a cab driver running down a cop and causing minor injuries, and officers issuing tickets for the slow driving. Toronto Mayor John Tory eventually had to step in to calm everyone down. "The point has been made,” he said, “[but] we cannot allow our cities to have these dangerous activities to continue during rush hour."

Who needs a trio of Hunger Games prequels when there's a war going on in a major city?