Though much of the world is understandably busy talking about Emo Kylo Ren and company, 2015 has also seen its fair share of low-budget home runs. Sean S. Baker's Tangerine, easily one of the best movies of the year, was shot entirely via iPhone. Dope brought a mostly unknown cast to the forefront of cinema while maintaining its ultra-low $700,000 budget. Of course, any discussion about the prospects of under-funded but inarguably viable cinema almost has to include Kevin Smith, who is somehow the director of both confirmed classic Clerks and confirmed dud Cop Out.

With the long-in-discussion Clerks III still hanging out in the pre-production stage, the legendary director took to Facebook to drop some knowledge while also inspiring younger filmmakers to stop making excuses and start making actual movies:

"You can make a movie for WAY less money these days, kids," Smith said in a later comment on the post. "All the tech you need is right on your smart phone. So...what's stopping you?" Not to belabor the point, but dude kind of nailed it. With a budget of just over $27,000 leading to an eventual gross of more than $3 million, even the math is on your side.

Stop playing Candy Crush and start making movies.