What are you usually doing around 3 in the afternoon? If you're not banging, then you just might be wasting your (and your partner's) precious time. Speaking with the Daily Mail, noted purveyors of top-shelf sex advice, hormone expert Alisa Vitti revealed that 3 p.m. is the perfect time for a quickie or a longie or whatever else you're into.

"Men are more interested in initiating sex during this window and are more capable of a better sexual response," Vitti says. Though Vitti admits that this doesn't exactly seem like a "logical set-up for satisfaction," she's adamant that the entire premise of the 1976 Starland Vocal Band single "Afternoon Delight" is actually quite accurate. Testosterone and estrogen are on the rise during this schedule-ruining time of day, inadvertently causing men to be "more emotionally present" during the action. Likewise, women stand a greater chance of their partner being in proper tune with their "needs and satisfaction."

For those really into specificity when it comes to taking off all your clothes and doing the nature dance with your chosen partner, Vitti's got you too: Women reportedly "feel way more appreciative of receiving pleasure" and experience a skyrocketed desire "ten days or so" after ovulation.

Happy banging.

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