For those stuck with the unfortunate quality of math aversion, the idea of numbers coming together to create bigger numbers (that's math, right?) doesn't exactly inspire them to pursue brave and often thankless projects like correctly calculating the total number of sexual partners for each Friends character.

Thankfully, Metro graciously took the detailed mathematical findings of the Irish Examiner's society-altering research and compiled them all into one handy chart, perfect for when you want to remind yourself how much more sex Joey and Phoebe had during Friends' 10 seasons than you will in your entire life:


Given the fact that Joey was an esteemed soap opera star (with an excellent Sigmund Freud impersonation) and Phoebe was a top-shelf folk artist, those numbers actually seem rather conservative. For a more thorough exploration of these statistics, we turn to the Examiner's helpful breakdowns:

But, in all seriousness, could Chandler's number BE any lower?