A new promo for the second half of The Flash’s sophomore season teases that everything will change, and they’re probably right. In the midseason finale, we learned that Zoom is after Barry’s Speed Force and that Harrison Wells will help him steal it in hopes of saving his daughter.

Now, Barry has to deal with three other possible thorns in his sidehis Earth-2 equivalent; Killer Frost, Caitlin Snow’s alternate persona; and the return of the Reverse-Flash, who was wiped from Earth-1’s existence when Eddie Thawne killed himself back in season one. In the teaser, both Earth-2 Barry and Killer Frost appear to be on Earth-2 and not in the present world we all know, but anything can happen with that wormhole in S.T.A.R. Labs.

For answers to these probing observations, you’ll have to wait one more month. The Flash returns to the CW Network on Jan. 19.