Home Alone, a.k.a. the single greatest cinematic achievement of our (or any other) time, has been really living it up during its 25th year of existence. In addition to finally being old enough to rent a car without being hit with ridiculous extra fees, the Macaulay Culkin classic has miraculously managed to extend its narrative all the way into 2015 thanks to a recent web series in which an older, sadder version of young style god Kevin McCallister shows what life is like as the adult version of someone whose parents abandoned them on Christmas (twice).

Daniel Stern, a.k.a. Marv, has followed his previous deep dives into the process behind bringing those pesky Wet Bandits to life with a full-on reprisal of the iconic burglar in an effort to warn Harry (Joe Pesci) of McCallister's resurgence. "Come find me, Harry," Stern Marv pleads in the video. "The kid is back. I saw it on the internet. He's coming to get us!"

For proper nostalgia-fueled context, revisit that older, sadder version of McCallister below:

On fellow home intruder Santa Claus' big night, Stern took to Reddit to open up even more about the Home Alone chapter of his career, including his relationship with the late John Hughes:

"John and I got to really know each other during the second Home Alone. John had written me such funny stuff to do and this time he came out of his writing cave to see it for himself. John and I became great friends and loved to make each other laugh. About halfway through the filming John gave me a script he wanted me to direct called "The Bee". It was a hysterical comedy about a man trapped in his house with a bee. John and I worked on the script over the course of the rest of the movie. After Home Alone 2 wrapped John invited me up to his farm. I brought my daughter Sophie and we hung out at his place for a couple of days working on the script and getting to know each other's families. I still saddened by the loss of John. I was recently in touch with his son, James, who is also a writer. I'm hoping one day to get my hands on some of those gems that I know John left in his secret library of scripts."

Daniel Stern for President.