While Kieran Culkin recently showed up in a brief, but memorable episode of FX's Fargo, older brother Macaulay hasn't been in too much these days. Sure, he fronted The Velvet Underground cover band The Pizza Underground for a while, but his acting career has never been as big as it was during his Home Alone days. Maybe that's why he's taken on a guest role in :DRYVRS, a new web series created by musician Jack Dishel (of the Moldy Peaches). 

In the short first episode, titled "Just Me in the House By Myself," Culkin appears as some version of his Home Alone character, as a man in his 30s who has been scarred from being left home alone one too many times. The series, which is modeled after Uber and Lyft, follows Dishel playing a character who, in each episode, will be a passenger interacting with a strange driver. It's very strange.

In the short description for the first episode above, Culkin has some words to share with viewers about the show. "I don't Internets," he begins, "but if I did I would strongly consider watching :DRYVRS." New episodes of :DRYVRS will make their way online in early 2016.